Schachbuch Grandmaster Repertoire - 1.e4 vs The Sicilian II

Schachbuch Grandmaster Repertoire - 1.e4 vs The Sicilian II

Hersteller: Quality Chess
Artikel-Nr.: SW10901
Autor: Negi Parimarjan
Seitenzahl: 400
Erscheinungsjahr: 1. Auflage 2015
Einband: Paperback (kartoniert)
Sprache: Englisch
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The third volume of the Grandmaster Repertoire – 1.e4 series tackles many challenging Sicilian... mehr
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The third volume of the Grandmaster Repertoire – 1.e4 series tackles many challenging Sicilian lines – the Dragons, Rauzer, Sveshnikov and Kalashnikov. Building on a foundation of critical main lines, Negi reveals an arsenal of new ideas, making this an essential addition to the library of every ambitious player.

Parimarjan Negi is a former child prodigy who is the second-youngest player of all time to obtain the Grandmaster title. He was Asian Champion in 2012, and played on Board 1 for the Indian team which won bronze medals at the Tromsø 2014 Olympiad.

Reviews of the previous volumes:

“It’s so good! It shows everything that you need to produce world-class preparation... Negi’s book is absolutely stunning. My jaw kept dropping at the attacking ideas that Negi exposes in this book.”
GM Matthew Sadler, New in Chess

“Every now and then, every once-in-a-FIDE-cycle, a book comes along that seriously impresses me. And recently, I received another of these rare, pleasant shocks. Indian GM Parimarjan Negi’s first book of his 1.e4 repertoire series is a real stand-out, an excellent piece of chess authorship.”
GM David Smerdon

"Another instalment of Parimarjan Negi's continuing quest to make all opening books for Black against 1.e4 obsolete.

Negi is actually a godsend for a book reviewer because I can more or less repeat what I said in my previous columns! Once again this is a work of the very highest quality. I'm not a lifelong Open Sicilian player so I sometimes feel a little insecure judging the quality of the analysis. I tend to compare the lines Negi suggests with other books I’ve read recently to see whether he addresses their recommendations. He rarely fails me!"

GM Matthew Sadler, New in Chess

"The younger generation tends to depend more on the computer. At the level they are now, why not add another dimension by reading more, I try to say, at least when you have great authors like Parimarjan Negi. His books on the Sicilian are absolutely fabulous."

GM Simen Agdestein, New in Chess

"Even after all these years, I still get a kick when I receive a new chess book. But there’s something special about getting a Negi book. Perhaps it’s knowing that the pages are full of exciting and practical novelties, or maybe it’s an expectation that each volume contributes concretely to furthering modern opening theory. Or maybe I just like the writing. Regardless, the third of the series lived up to my hopes once again.

To sum up, this book is once again an outstanding work and worth every penny, if only on a novelty quota alone. When I review a new book, I review HARD, and I go out of my way to look for holes. This makes it difficult for any author to meet my high expectations, but Negi continues to impress me. If I weren’t so lazy, I’d even take up the Open Sicilian myself after reading this one! Another Negi book, another five stars."

GM David Smerdon (full review)

"The Glasgow based firm Quality Chess continues to produce top of the line opening books that one could only dream of a decade ago. Its latest effort is by the Indian Grandmaster Parimarjan Negi, his third book in a multi-volume series and arguably his best to date.

The new work, 1.e4 vs. The Sicilian II, covers the Dragons Richter-Rauzer, Kalashnikov, Lowenthal and Sveshnikov in a level of detail that make for interesting reading for top Grandmasters, but in a style that is also accessible for much lower-rated, but ambitious players."

IM John Donaldson

ISBN: 978-1-907982-57-6

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